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Sonia Workman – Life Coaching

Sonia and I (David) started chatting while Sonia was still in school for Life Coaching as I am always looking to better myself and grow as a person, and Sonia was looking for guinea pigs to work on her craft. We did a few sessions together and learned that there may be a way for me (and the team) to help Sonia get a head start on her journey as well!

Sonia was looking for a video that captured not only what she provides as a life coach but also shared some of her life story. I definitely feel that as a life coach, your own life experience plays a huge role and Sonia has been through and persevered through so much in her young life!

Joel and I sat down with her for an interview-type setup to capture Sonia’s story and what she is hoping to bring to the table for her clients. Once we had the story, we followed a shot list and captured all the b-roll to accompany the overall story arc!

Our favorite shot has to be at 3:13, the “almost” celebration on the missed basketball shot is just priceless!

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