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Sports Nutrition with Joel Herrod

If you don’t know Joel Herrod, you will have a pretty good idea about what he’s all about after this! Joel was looking for a fast paced, artistic style video to showcase a possible meal from one of his nutrition plans! Joel is hilariously fun to work with so this one was a great time.

We shot this as a b-roll type video that featured quick cuts and in-camera transitions. Joel definitely knows his way around the kitchen so we tried to take advantage of that. Making quick cuts with a good amount of movement we keep this one moving right through to the end. 

When you work with Joel you can’t help but feel the energy and passion he brings to everything he does! If you want to get your diet in check, in a realistic and healthy way, connect with him today!

There are too many shots in here to pick a favorite, but maybe Joel going HAM with the pepper grinder? (0:23) Too fun!


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