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Hiking with the pack

This project is one of our lifestyle minis features.

Anyone that knows Allana knows how much she loves her dogs. Fynn and Voltage are both pure bread border collies with hugely different personalities, but they both show the same love and respect for Allana. These 3 head out for a local hike at least once a week and I had the privilege of joining them on this morning out at Cultus Lake. 

We wanted to capture both the boys’ character and quirks as well as the bond they all share together. It is evident just by the way Fynn and Volt keep an eye on us (okay, just Allana) during the video, and to see them out in nature where they belong was a ton of fun.

Our favorite shot has to be at 1:04 as the pack walks left to right across a sloped path. Just serene!