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Scott and Ashleigh – Baby Gerber 2021

This project is one of our lifestyle minis features.

Scott and Ashleigh Gerber are due with their first child in March this year (2021). They were hoping for a small photoshoot but were surprised with this lifestyle maternity video as well!

This one was a last-minute deal as their original photographer was unable to make it out, so Scott and Ashleigh asked if I was available do to a short photo session with them. What they didn’t know is that I went ahead and shot a ton of video while we were doing photos and surprised them with this little montage. 

These two are amazing human beings and I can’t wait to watch them grow as parents. I really wanted to capture the pure love, emotion, and fun they share wherever they go.

The favourite shot here is probably the long shot from across the pond as Scott and Ashleigh are walking along the snow-covered path. Something about the depth of the shot and how serene the moment was (0:55)

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PS: This was a special one for me, Scott being my brother-in-law and all.